Ethiopians Celebrate Timket

Timket is one of the popular holdays among Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. The holyday is celebrated every year on January 18 or Tir 11 (in Ethiopian Calender). It is among those days celebrated outside where you go to church with other Christians.

Timket is celebrated in Gondar city where thousands of tourists attending the ceremony.

Foreigners call it as the most colorful celebration of the year.

Gondar City Administration Culture, Tourism and Sports Guidance

The Feast of Baptism is celebrated in Gondar. According to the city administration, Gondar is home to the 44 Ark, the royal palace, the historic and Emperor Fassilides baptismal pool.

In addition to religious ceremonies, arrangements are also made for visitors to Gondar to visit Gondars ancient, historical and cultural heritage. According to the Gondar City Culture, Tourism and Sports Directorate, preparations have been completed to host the baptismal guests.

According to Leilna Gebre-Meskel, leader of the cultural values and industry development team, preparations have been underway for the baptism.

According to Leilna, one of the main benefits of the October celebration is to strengthen social ties. He said preparations for this years baptism have brought together the people of the border area and Asmara to restore their strong historical and holiday ties.

He said the strong call was the first call for the people of Asmara to attend the baptism in Gondar after the break-up of the conspiracy. He said the celebration of the two peoples with a common culture will help bring peace and stability in the region, strengthen the sense of unity and create lasting ties between the two generations.

He said the baptism festival has a special significance for Gondar and the surrounding community. It is learned that the people of Asmara will be given a warm welcome.

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