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Ethio Telecom launched flexi mobile package

Ethio Telecom launched flexi mobile package with a holyday gift packages.

Flexi mobile package is a flexible package service that enables users to use any of the services i.e., voice, internet, or short message within the same subscription.

The concept of flexi mobile package is to provide the users with an option to use the basic Ethio telecom mobile services flexibly using flexi units. Each service is represented using a flexi unit. For instance, 2 flexi units are equivalent to 1 local short message.

Likewise, six flexi units are equivalent to one-minute local voice call and 2 flexi units are enough to use one mega byte internet.

Here is the official Flexi unit conversion rate as per Ethio Telecom main site:

  • 6 Flexi units = 1 minute local call
  • 2 Flexi units = 1 MB data
  • 2 Flexi units = 1 local SMS

Flexi mobile package is available in three options based on the duration it will be valid. They are daily flexi, weekly flexi, and monthly flexi units.

Once you subscribe daily flexi it will be available for 24 hours. You can buy 300 flexi units for 15 birr which is equivalent to 50 minute local voice call or 150 mega bytes of internet or 150 local short messages. Whereas if you subscribe 20 birr option which gives you 410 flexi units you will be able to use it for one of the services or in any combinations. 410 flexi units are equivalent to 205 megabytes of internet or 205 local short message or about 68 minutes local call. If you buy daily flexi units during national holydays you will have a holyday gift of 30 and 40 units, respectively.

Daily Flexi Units Summary:

15 Birr = 300 flexi units plus 30 flexy units gift

20 Birr = 410 Flexi Units plus 40 flexy units as a gift

For weekly subscription options which is valid for seven days from the time you buy the package there are two options. For 50 birr you will buy 1150 flexi units with a holyday gift of 120 flexi and For 80 birr 1900 flexi units plus 200 flexi units gift.

Monthly flexi packages are also available with two choices which is 1900 flexi units for 100 birr and 3200 flexi units for 150 birrs. Holyday gifts for monthly subscription are 260 flexi units when you buy 100 birr and 400 flexi units when you buy 150 birr package.

50 Birr Weekly Flexi = 1150 Flexi Units + 120 flexy units as a holyday gift

80 Birr Weekly Flexi = 1900 Flexi Units + 200 flexy units as a holyday gift

100 Birr Monthly Flexi = 1900 Flexi Units + 260 Flexy units as a holyday gift

150 Birr Monthly Flexi = 3200 Flexi Units + 400 Flexy units as a holyday gift

Currently flexi packages are the most popular subscription due to its flexibility that was not available with the previous package subscriptions. As time passes Ethio telecom can bring new services to satisfy its steamed customers like never before.

In the meantime there will a competition for market when other telecom operators are able to provide service. There fore it is a good idea to engage its customer base with care and satisfaction to avoid any potential customer churn to the coming operators.

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