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Ethio Telecom Services Charge Rate in Ethiopia

Ethio Telecom is the sole service provider in Ethiopia who have an estimated total population of more than 110 million. The number of active telecom service users in the country is more than 50 million. The services are many to pick from voice, data, internet and others. When you use the services you will be charged accordingly.

There are three modality of subscription which is directly related to the time of payment you make for the services you are using. The options or types of subscription are prepaid, post paid and hybrid. If you are subscribed as a prepaid, you will are expected to recharge your account before you start using any of the services provided by ethio telecom. This is the most common subscription type in the country.

The second subscription type is postpaid, you can use the service once you have completed the required paper works including collateral or others that can be used as a guarantee for the company if you might fail to pay the fee. In this modality you are renting the service, i.e. you are paying for the services you have used at the end of the month. The contract could be short term, fixed or undefined period of time. The most common subscribers of this service are fixed internet users, fixed voice users, fax service users, and others.

The third subscription type is Hybrid. As the name suggests the subscriber have both options at hand. The user will be provided with both prepaid and post paid payment options.

Ethio Telecom provides two types of charges in addition to the payment modes we have seen before. The first one is you pay as you use and the second one is you buy a package in either of the payment modes and you will use the discounted package in the specified period of time. Currently there are various options, they are: Morning package, night package, holyday package, weekend package, daily package, weekly package, Bi-weekly package and monthly packages.

Holyday package covers any of the services such as voice, internet and SMS. This package is only available on national holydays such as New Year, Gena, Fasika, Mewlid and other special days.

Good Morning packages are available from 6:00AM to 8:00 AM every morning. If you buy morning package you will be able to use it for seven consecutive days as long as the bought package is not finished. There are three options to subscribe such as voice only, internet only and internet plus voice packages.

Mobile Daily packages are the most popular subscription that are used for 24 hours once you buy it. The price to buy a daily package starts from 3 birr to 10 birr. The discount from the normal tariff is 46%.

Mobile Daily Package 3 Birr = 10 minutes voice service for 24 hours

Mobile Daily Package 5 Birr = 17 minutes voice service for 24 hours

Mobile Daily Package 10 Birr = 35 minutes voice service for 24 hours

The other mobile subscription types are Bi weekly, Weekly and Monthly packages for both voice and data or the combination both.

When you subscribe weekly package you will get one week service with out charging additional amount as long as the package still not finished.

Bi weekly mobile packages span for 15 days starting from the date of subscription. The bi weekly subscription also have choices such as voice only, data only and internet with voice.

Monthly mobile package subscription provides an extended period for the subscribed package as it give 30 days validity time starting from time of subscription.

In the next posts we will provide you with valuable information about the services Ethio-telecom provides for its users.

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