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List of hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Health service is the most important part of day to day life. Most of the hospitals in Ethiopia were governmental until recently. But this days there are a lot of hospitals that provide a better quality health services. These service providers could be private as well as regional or federal government hospitals, health centers, or others.

We will list some of the popular hospitals in Addis Ababa that could help you in case you need them for the time you may felt unwell.

Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital: This hospital is the biggest in the country in terms of the services it provides for patients as well as its capacity to accommodate many people at a time. To get service in this hospital you have to get a referral letter from other hospitals or health centers. Most of the physicians in this medical center are well experienced and they hold a specialty in one of the areas such as internal medicine, skin, dental or other fields.

This hospital is located around Ethiopian immigration affairs office. Or you can locate it as it is in front of the main post office where Ethio telecom head quarter located its office.

This hospital is also a teaching center for medical doctorate in partnership with Addis Ababa University. It is run by Ethiopian ministry of health.

Zewditu Hospital:

Haleluya General Hospital:

Broom Hospital:

Addis Hiwot General Hospital:

Teklehaymanot Hospital:

Bethezata Hospital:

Yehulshet Hospital:

St. Yared General Hospital:

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