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Best Malls in Addis Ababa for 2021

Addis Ababa is the capital city of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (EPDRE). The country has ten administrative regions and two city administrations directly administrated by the federal government. In the last ten years the country has registered double digit growth. The life style has also improved in these period. Tall buildings, skyscrapers and large malls are becoming common in the city. In these post, we will provide information about the best malls in Addis Ababa.

1. Century Mall, Addis Ababa
This mall is located around ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute) office in front of Gurdshola Ethio Telecom sales center.  The mall is a five story building comprising more than 160 shops as well as boutiques, restaurants, banks, ATM's and so much more.

In the basement you can find a spacious parking lot with capability of accommodating more than 300 cars at a time, Shoa super/hyper market, where as modern cinema halls and fun center are located at the fifth floor. On the sixth floor you will find food court such as Blue drops, Chicken hut, Tutto Gelato and others. 

Gurd Sholla
City: Addis Ababa
Phone: 0987202020
Country: Ethiopia

2. Shoa Shopping Center, Addis Ababa
Shoa is one of the biggest shops in the city providing convenient goods, fresh diary products, kitchen equipment's, furniture's, meat products, vegetables, and other shopping materials.

The shop has more than twelve branches in the city. You can find any goods in the shop that are fitting to be put in a mall or shop. The service is also great compared to many other similar shops.
Location: Piassa, Bole Road around wellosefer, Megenagna Zefmesh Grand Mall which is next to bus station, GurdSholla on century mall,  Sarbet next to Bilos cake, Lebu infront of Barnero appartments, and others
Telephone: +251 113 69 1353, +251 911 303083

3. All Mart

All mart has opened its first shopping mall at Jemo first gate. The shop has three stories of which the basement is reserved for various consumable and beauty protection goods such as local cooking ingredients, biscuits, diary products, meat products, vegetables, fruits, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, detergents, bread, enjera, and others.

The first floor has a restaurant in which you can sit and dine or as an option you can order take away for cakes, pizza and burgers. In this floor mainly you can get kitchen materials such as oven, pans, glasses, cups and others.

The third floor is reserved for furniture’s where you can find quality products such as bed, tables, mattress and dressing tables.

All mart have three branches in the city located around Jemo, Gerji Mebratayil, and Bisrategebriel.

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