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Tallest Buildings in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is showing an alarming growth rate in the past few years specially in road and building construction. Specially hotel and bank constructions stand at the front que. The roads are getting better every passing year even if the traffic is still a problem for the city as the capacity to accommodate the cars is still lacking.

In this post we will review and provide you with the information about the tallest buildings in the city. Some of them can be considered as skyscrapers.

CBE New Head Quarter Building

This building is state of the art in the modern building construction in the city. This skyscraper has 46 floors, with an amazing design sitting at the center of the city in few hundred meters away from the Palace. You will see different messages during night time with the help of LED displays deployed on the wall of the building.

The building gave Addis Ababa a different look since it started rasing above the so called tall buildings in the past such as the midroc Ethiopia group 26 story almunium wall multi purpose building.

This CBE building has supermarkets, cinemas and other services once it is completed and open for use. It is expected to be completed and start giving service befopre the end of the current fiscal year.

Ethiopian prime minister has promised to finish such mega project on time by giving special attention as per their timeline. When the construction of this building was started, the contractor promised to finish in four years period. So if things have to go as per that plan it will be a great achievement.

Location: Around Addis Ababa national stadium, near CBE HO
Purpose: To be the new Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Head Quarter   
Status: To  be completed in 2021 GC.

Zemen Bank Head Quarter New Building

Most of the upcoming skyscrapers in Addis Ababa are built by financial institutions specially Banks. Zemen Bank is one of the fastest growing bank in the country. The service provided by the bank is some how different from others. The difference starts with the amount of initial deposits you have to make at the opening of a new account. Most private banks require 25 birr deposit, some request 50 birr deposit where as CBE require no iitial deposit. In the case of Zemen bank you need an initial 25,000 birr to open an account with them.

Also the bank encourages frequent transaction on the money instead of making the account just a saving one. This is suitable for merchants and business men as their work require frequent transactions.

When we come the building, it is under construction which is located in front of the Addis Ababa university, commerce school of business. The building has an oval shape when viewed from top. The overall design is eye catching.

The building is estimated to be having about 30 plus floors. As it is built in the financial center of the city it has given the area a special grace.

Purpose: To be the new head quarter of Zemen Bank SC
Location: In front of AAU Commerce school of business or next to Nib bank new building
Status: To be opened in 2021

Nib Bank Share Company New Building

Nib bank is one of the newest banks in the country which was established as a result of the reform made on financial institutions. This building is estimated to be about 35 stories.

Nile Insurance SC

Amhara Credit Association

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation

Abyssinia Bank

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