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“I invited him to the wedding because I respect him”

Melat Nebiyu interview

Artist Melat Nebiyu talks about who she invited on her Wedding and who couldn’t make it on the day.

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Addis Ababa City Administration Education Office and Education and Training Control Authority jointly held a panel discussion on mother tongue and the new curriculum preparation and implementation at Grand Eliana Hotel.

In the panel discussion, Addis Ababa City Administration Education Bureau Chief Dr. Zelema Mulatu, Education Bureau Deputy Bureau Chief Mr. Admasu Dechasa, Education and Training Control Authority General Manager Mrs. Hiywa Gugsa and Deputy Manager Mrs. Kiwakete Abera, from Addis Ababa University.

Professor Tirusue and educational experts, Curriculum Executive Dr. Tedros Shwareg from the Federal Ministry of Education, private school association leaders, private school owners and leaders, the city’s residents, parents and educational experts participated.

The proposal for discussion in the discussion on the topic of the new curriculum preparation and implementation process in the schools under the Addis Ababa City Administration Education Office and the problems surrounding the implementation of the curriculum and the use of the mother tongue was presented by Mr. Admasu Dechasa and Mrs. Lovete Abera, respectively, and then by Professor Tirsue. and led by Dr. Tedros Shewaregh.

Admasu Dechasa, the Deputy Head of the Education Bureau, said regarding the process of curriculum preparation and implementation, “The curriculum in our country has been in place for a long time, but many works have been done while it was in operation, but there were many gaps. As there are issues that show that there is a need to change the curriculum at the national level of education based on this, he has conducted an experiment by preparing an education policy.

The pilot program was fully implemented in 2014 at primary and secondary levels.
A test was conducted in 44 schools teaching Amharic and 22 schools teaching Afan Oromo. About 200 student textbooks and teacher’s textbooks have been prepared and put into print. In the process of publishing, the city administration has ordered about 3 million 926 thousand copies and they have stated that they are working on distributing 1.2 million copies.

According to the statement made by the Education and Training Quality Control Authority, Ms./Manager, Mrs. Lovete Abera, there is a gap in our education policy in our country. One of the problems is the problem of using the mother tongue, as well as there is a gap in the Ethiopian curriculum implementation policy and we have strengthened our policy to fix this.

The General Manager of the Authority’s Office, Ms. Life Guggsa, answered a question from the participants regarding school fees, “Education is not a commodity, the quality of education is not related to the increase or decrease of fees. The government has enacted a law on this issue.

Source: AA Mayor office

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Melat Nebiyu interview

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