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Artist Moges Teka surprised his wife

Famous artist Moges Teka surprised his wife by an amazing song.

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Members of the House of Representatives conducted an eye examination and breast cancer examination

In connection with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and eye screening under the theme ‘Focus on our eyes’, the council members conducted early screening for eye and breast cancer.

Speaking at the program, the Honorable Dr. Lia Tadese, Minister of Health, said that eye health problems and breast cancer are affecting the public health.

In our country, about 1.6 million people have lost their sight due to various reasons, Dr. Lea said, and about 3.7 million people are prone to vision problems.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, and it has been stated that patients are not receiving medical care in time because they come late to the health facility.

Dr. Lea said that surgery to prevent and control breast cancer is provided in various hospitals and chemotherapy treatment services are being provided in 18 hospitals. In addition to the two facilities that are currently in operation, Dr. Lea said that expansion work has also started in five facilities.

It is also stated that if the disease is found before the disease has spread in the body, it can be easily treated without causing serious health problems.

There is nothing more important than health and the honorable members of the council that we talked to during the screening program called on the society to have regular check-ups to benefit their health.

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