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Tariffs for mid buses and taxis in Addis Ababa will be implemented from today.

Addis Ababa Transport Bureau has reviewed public transport service vehicles and made new tariffs.

As a result, the tariff increase on the minibus has increased from 40 cents per kilometer to 45 cents per bus, and from 90 cents per kilometer to 1 birr per taxi.

The increase in mid-bus was a minimum of 1 birr and a maximum of 2 birr.

The increase in taxis is a minimum of 50 cents and a maximum increase of 3 birr to 50 cents.

The increase is based on the distance traveled, according to the statement.

The city transport office said in a statement today that the tariff increase has not been made for public transport.

Message from Addis Ababa mayor,
She said the ongoing preparations for the establishment of an independent national body and for inclusive national dialogue are encouraged.

“As a city and as a nation, our next goal is to end what is happening now which we have been forced to overcome and focus on the overall development of the country,” he said.

He also pledged to contribute to the rebuilding of various educational and health facilities, as well as the rebuilding of vulnerable communities.

Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abebe, for his part, said, “We must complete what we have been forced to carry out.

According to information obtained from the Addis Ababa Press Secretariat, they are utilizing the high level of national unity and motivation and focusing on the overall development of the country.

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