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I gave birth before understanding motherhood

This girl gave a birth at a very tinder age.

Borena’s innovative works were visited by creating electricity to provide electricity to the local residents

The creative works of Borena’s youngster, who made electricity from various materials and made the school he attends and the local residents benefit from electricity, were visited by senior officials of the Ministry of Water and Energy.

Adan Hussain Dida, a 16-year-old 9th grade student who lives in Webb City, Wachele District, Borena Zone, has experience in performing various creative works.

Everyone who knows him in the area says that he is a talented youngster who is known for creating different things before the creation of electricity.

Among his creative works, he created electricity using various materials and provided electricity to 37 homes in Webb City in addition to Tula Webb High School where he attends.

Adan says that he was able to generate electricity using animal waste, salt and other materials that are of little use.

He recalled that he made more than nine repeated attempts to make his invention a reality, and he succeeded in the 10th attempt, and he was able to provide electricity to the local residents, including the school he attends.

Adan, a student who says that the creative work will provide uninterrupted service for five months in its current state, said that he is earning up to 7 thousand birr per month from the creative results.

The teenager who said that he needs scientific training to further improve and increase his creative output, said that after five months, the service will continue with the renovation and improvement of the electricity resources.

Minister of Water and Energy, Dr. Eng. Habtamu Itefa, Minister of State, Dr. Eng. Sultan Wali and other senior officials visited the student’s creations.

After visiting the creative products of the teenager, they encouraged him and assured him that all the necessary support would be provided to further develop his creative works.

On this occasion, he explained to them that he is working to break through the vision of expanding the creative output, especially in the rural areas of Ethiopia.

According to ESA, the residents of the area who benefited from electricity expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the development of the new invention.

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