Melat Nebiyu second Wedding ceremony Sep 17, 2022

Melat Nebiyu second Wedding ceremony

Addis Ababa city administration launched the new curriculum and held a recognition and award program for those who prepared textbooks and textbooks.

In the programme, a recognition and awarding ceremony was held for teachers, principals and stakeholders who participated in the launch of the new curriculum and the preparation of students’ textbooks and teacher’s department books.

At the same ceremony, Mayor Adanech Abebe said that the city administration would like to thank the professionals who have contributed to the overall construction of the country and the personality of the generation by effectively fulfilling the responsibilities given to you without leaving your warm house in the cold.

Mayor Adenech said that it has a great contribution to build the generation to the required level and to build the country standing together.

Mayor Adanech said that the curriculum will come down to the ground because of the work you have done. You have shown us your work. In this regard, we all have to make our own contribution wherever we are engaged, he said.

They said that a country is built when everyone can work as an example in front of each other without losing sight of others. Instead of giving this work to consultants, the owners said that the quality of the work has made us able to be successful financially. For this reason, Mayor Adanech said that the city administration will stand with you in all the work you do to build the personality of the next generation.

On the schedule prepared to implement the new curriculum, the head of the Addis Ababa City Education Office, Dr. Zelem Mulatou, said that it is known to revise the education policy and curriculum at the national level in a way that ensures superior quality. He said.

The head explained that the new curriculum prepared for primary and secondary level students is based on indigenous knowledge, focuses on the development of students’ personality and is designed to have a wide share in science, creativity and practice.
The head added that 320 teachers in 23 types of education participated in the preparation of textbooks for one month, focusing on the new education system implemented this year.

The new curriculum will be implemented in 17,300 private and public schools, including the fact that the book printing work will be prepared at a cost of less than one billion birr.

It was understood from the manager’s explanation that 30 thousand four hundred and 19 teachers have made comprehensive preparations to teach the new curriculum.

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