Melat Nebiyu and Mikias Wedding ceremony at Eliana hotel

Melat Nebiyu wedding

Melat married to Mikias after a failed relationship with famous artist Henok Dinku. Now she is happily married to Ethiopian business man.

He said that the roads that are being demolished for construction of the Ethiopian Electricity Service are being destroyed

The Addis Ababa Roads Authority responded that there is no road that we built without informing

The Ethiopian Electric Service stated that due to the careless construction of roads in Addis Ababa, many infrastructures are being destroyed.

In particular, due to damage to the underground electrical lines in the area known as Le Bu Lampe Power Square, electricity was cut off for Bu Abrahamu Selase, Haile Garment, Oromia Condominium, Muzeqa Sefer, Jamo 1, Glass Factory and the surrounding area.

Residents in the area had their electricity cut off for a week, and although they are currently connecting with another line, a power outage has been noticed. Bisrat Radio in Addis Ababa City asked the Ethiopian Electric Service what the cause of the power outage was. He stated that there was damage to the underground electrical infrastructure estimated at more than 1 million birr.

As a result, residents living in different areas of Addis Ababa are suffering from power outages and construction works are being carried out without our presence and knowledge, said Bekele Kfle, head of the service’s communication, to Bisrat Radio.

Addis Ababa Roads Authority, on the other hand, when we carry out our construction work, we make them identify and notify us if there are power line cables, so we will not carry out any construction work without notifying the service, Addis Ababa Roads Authority Deputy Director General Engineer Takele Lulena told Bisrat Radio.

The problem of coordination and coordination of institutions in the basic development constructions in the city is not only a reason for the delay in construction, but it is observed that the destruction of infrastructure is causing complaints among the residents.

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