Famous artist Melat Nebiyu amazing wedding ceremony dance

Melat gave her audience a thought after her amazing dance on her own wedding ceremony.

They are expected to provide their services in an appropriate manner, make their profit margins reasonable and provide appropriate information for their profits, and fulfill appropriate taxes and governmental obligations.

If this is not the case, it is expected that the government intervenes and stabilizes it. From financing the purchasing power of citizens, controlling monopolies and oligopolies, to flooding the market with products, it is a common practice in the West.

When a country’s economy is facing great danger and threat, it is common for the government to intervene in order to reverse the danger and prioritize the safety of the country and people over the desire of a few businessmen to accumulate profits and wealth. The government will take corrective measures using the means of checking the economy provided by law.

One of the most common price stabilization measures is to reduce the tax on complementary and similar products in excess of the supply or product price.

They are very important products for living and importing related or similar products and distributing and selling them without profit margin and without additional cost is another way to stabilize inflation and prices.

Electric vehicles will cost more than 50 percent less than gasoline-powered vehicles.

The decision will undoubtedly reduce the air pollution, avoid multiple interchanges and save from the purchase of oil and fuel, and will also bring down the inflated prices of vehicles. It is a big step forward.

Another thing to consider is windfall gain, most of the vehicle dealers are issuing legal invoices and not reporting their profits.

For example, the price of a Suzuki Dzire is 750,000 to 1 million birr. If the selling price of the vehicle reaches an average of 1.2 million birr with additional costs, the current selling price of the vehicle in the market is 2 million 100 thousand, so the seller is making a profit of one million to one million one hundred thousand birr.

In a free market system, it is a right to sell at whatever price you want, so it has duties that come with it, and it is a duty of citizenship to pay VAT for the value generated by surplus agriculture.

Cost of living

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