“Our fans want us to get married” Adey drama star Bemnet

The director also adds that the existing values ​​that she used to emphasize the identity of the society where the characters were drawn also contributed.

Ethiopia’s social and political situation
Erdiye drama draws a parallel from the real life in the country, but does not copy the name and address of the community from the behavior.

The characters establish their fictional, fictional existence in a fictional village.

They don’t live the life of the community, but they make us look back at its own daily routine as a mirror to its life.

In the drama, the flaws of the society, lack of peace, disdain, and inability to forgive were seen as a sight.

For this, asking a riddle is like asking yourself for an answer.

The authors ask a mystery through the lives of the characters. The viewer follows the clues and takes part in solving the mystery of life.

When Ateneh reinforces this idea, he says, “It expresses the times, what is in the heart of a person, what cannot be said in public, in the form of a drama, about who we are, about our relationship with each other, about the current political situation, whether it is good or bad.”

The drama raises the question of the current political situation. According to Tamrat, it is an answer and it is a solution. He answers.

Both Sirak and Ateneh say that it has gained popularity by serving as a breather when we are presented with something to talk about, away from the public.

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