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Amazing time with Adey drama stars Adey and Abel

Even if they don’t step on the door of a school, even if they don’t know the race of the alphabet, they interpret life and the world around them as they see it and fight to stop it firmly.

It is you who say that the female characters of Shepherd are destitute of city life and stand up for their rights regardless of race or color.

Sirak agrees with this idea. “You will not see a woman in the drama of my shepherd; We will find women who are as challenging as men,” he adds.

“A woman who stands up for the rights of her sister and her friend. . .A woman who fights to bring back her children’s existence. . .a mother who struggles to protect not only her home but also her environment” explains that it is the legacy of writing by female authors.

The fact that the authors of the drama are women shows that you are good at portraying strong female characters, which are the things that male artists suffer when they write.

He explains that the fact that the writers and director are women allows us to see strong women with “strong characters who are trusted for the roles they deserve.”

The characters in Shepherdess are more concerned with the survival of the society they live in than their own lives.

All of the female protagonists have a purpose that flies above them.

And Anna’s character goes so far as to become a sacrifice by preventing the quarrel of the profiteers, which is the excuse for her death, from becoming the source of further quarrels for the residents of her village.

The participation of popular actors

The fact that the actors who participated in Ordiye drama are well-known, well-known, and well-versed in skills is a matter that both Ateneh and Sirak agree on.

“One of the things I like about my shepherd’s play is that it creates a character and chooses an actor,” says Sirac.

“It looks like a derby set” is yours. And the reason for this is that the actors who play an important role in the drama are famous.

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