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New Fuel Price In Ethiopia July 2022

Gasoline, which sold for 36 birr per liter and 87 cents, It will be sold at Birr 47 to 83 cents per liter starting tomorrow.

As part of the government’s plan to lift oil subsidies, there was a sharp increase in the sale of petroleum products in the first round.

Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations from Wednesday, June 29, 2014 to July 30, 2014. Announces the sale price of new petroleum products.

Accordingly, petrol, which used to sell for 36 birr and 87 cents per liter, It will be sold at Birr 47 to 83 cents per liter starting tomorrow.

White diesel has risen by about 14 birr over the past few months. The white diesel, which has been selling at 35.43 birr per liter since April 30, 2014, will increase to Birr 49.02 per liter tomorrow.

According to a list released by the Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations on Tuesday night, June 29, 2014. He said white diesel 49.02, kerosene 49.02, light black diesel 53.10, heavy black diesel 52.37 and jet fuel 98.83 per liter have been cut.

The current increase in oil production is the highest in the past, but the government is still subsidizing oil production.

Although the government has been subsidizing petroleum products in general, it is now said that subsidies for public transport will be subsidized through a system called Petroleum Subsidies.

Over the past few months, the Ethiopian government has seen a steady increase in oil retail prices.

For display, from April 30, 2014. Since the change in the retail price of petroleum products, the price of petrol has increased by 15 percent from 31.74 to 36.87 birr.

The rise is due to rising global oil prices and billions of dollars in government subsidies.

According to Legesa Mesa Tulu, director of the Petroleum Standard Research Authority, the government spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on fuel subsidies.

In the 30 days between May and June alone, the government spent 16 billion birr or 268 million dollars on fuel, he told Mesa.

An increase in the price of petroleum products has led many to fear that rising prices for other products and services will increase the cost of living.

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