Top 3 Highest Paid Ethiopian Youtubers

This is the list of Ethiopian Youtubers who are highest earners from their channels. In this list we are considering only individual channels i.e. channels run by individuals. We already posted list of Ethiopian companies who are earning enormous amount of money in our previous posts.

This is list may vary from time to time. The below list is true as of April 2022. What we consider in this listing to forcast their potential monthly earning are the following parameters: Number of subscribers, monthly view, viewablity outside Ethiopia and channel rank. You can update the results from socialblade at the time of your visit.

Number 1: Eshetu Melese ( Est. 3.5 Million birr per month)
Eshetu Meslese who is the owner of Donkey Tube, is the highest Ethiopian YouTuber to date. His channel makes an estimated 82,560 dollars per month. His channel focuses on Kids program, talent show and podcast. He has recently open another channel which also started making money. Donkey Tube has reached a one million subscriber mark recently.

Number 2: Abel Birhanu ( Est. 1.7 Million Birr Per Month)

Abel has three popular YouTube channels from which he is earning in the north of 1 million Ethiopian birr every month. His channel focuses on local news on his main channel with more than 1.1 million subscribers and thre other two channels are more of adventure and film review.

Number 3: Seifu Fantahun ( Est. 1.5 Million Birr Per Month

Seifu Fantahun is the second highest earner from his official YouTube channel. He has an estimated 30 thousand dollars monthly revenue which is about 1.5 million Ethiopian birr. His channel is mostly the videos from Seifu on Ebs show and his radio program on FM 108.7. He has reached 1 million views today.

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