Motivational speaker Sinewerk Taye on Dagi show

Sinwerk Taye is known for his motivational videos on various social media platforms such YouTube and Tiktok. He has got appreciation for his persistent work.

Evaluated a document on the Ethiopian language profile identification criteria.

An implementation strategic document prepared by the Ministry of Culture, Linguistics and Translation Development Directorate on the language profile criteria has been reviewed.

State Minister for Culture and Language Development, Worknesh Birru, said:

Presenting the ethnographic and linguistic identity document of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, Dr. Baileyegn Tassew said:

It aims to identify the differences and differences between the cultures and languages ​​of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, as well as to describe the current situation and status of those at risk of extinction.

According to information obtained from the Ministry, the study aims to ensure that languages ​​and cultures are equally recognized, developed, enriched and used for development, as well as studied in their cultural contexts.

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