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Ethiopia is pursuing diplomacy centered on sustainable interests, he said.

Ethiopia vows to strengthen ties with countries through sustainable diplomacy

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed responded to questions from members of parliament on diplomatic issues during his parliamentary session today.

He said the government will work to improve Ethiopia’s existing relations with the United States.

He said the two countries will work together to enhance the existing relations with neighboring Eritrea based on our close proximity and mutual benefit.

He said it is still Ethiopia’s choice to work with Egypt and Sudan on the power generation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

“We want to realize that our goal is not to stop the Nile water, but to generate energy,” he said.

Asked if Ethiopia’s non-membership in the Red Sea Forum is inappropriate in terms of proximity, he said a forum that does not include Ethiopia would be of little value as long as it is to ensure peace in the region. Instead, he said, Ethiopia should be able to stand on its own two feet and pursue its interests beyond the Red Sea.

Responding to a question on the appointment of ambassadors, he explained that the appointment was based on an amendment made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the government has set up a task force to repatriate citizens of Saudi Arabia based on research.

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