Henok Dinku introduces another girlfriend after Mahi

He was seen while the two enjoy in a public places. She was new and he was saying she the most humble and beautiful girl he ever knew.

But today there was a rumour that he is trying to deny about the couple to be just friends. We shall wait and see what he will say on Seifu show. Last time Welela adviced him to settle and get married.

Ethiopia has the potential to become the next destination for the world’s mining companies.

Ethiopia has the potential to become a desirable investment destination for foreign companies engaged in the global mining industry.

“Ethiopia is a country with a large amount of gold mines and a well-developed government,” Maine said.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), which publishes the country’s annual mining report, said investing in Ethiopia’s mining sector is beneficial.

According to the institute, Ethiopia has sold 3.23 tons of gold in the world market in the period 2018 to 19, earning 126.3 million USD.

According to the report, gold exports cover 93 percent of the total mineral expenditure so far.

He said Ethiopia has a wide range of minerals that attract the international mining industry, adding that it should open its doors to foreign companies engaged in the sector to address the disproportionate and gold-focused exports in the sector.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) ÷ Ethiopia also has 200 metric tons of untouched gold, 366 million metric tons of coal, and 70 million metric tons of iron ore.

Ethiopia: Let’s dream, let’s build, let’s prepare

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