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Henok Dinku ignored critics

Henok Dinku

Henok Dinku is a famous Ethiopian actor who became famous for his role in Zemen Drama. Further more he was point of discussion since the Telegram voice message leaked from one of his lovers living abroad. He even appeared on Seifu show and denied the claim even if his fans are not convinced.

Education and Training Authority says it is a major problem in the sale of coc in Ethiopia

Proclamation No. 1152 sets the standard for admission to the Higher Education Assessment Test (coc) under the Proclamation. The Director General of the Authority, Dr. Andualem Atanafe, told Bisserat Radio that this is inappropriate and will even invalidate the degree earned by the students.

“Every individual should have a coc before the start of the course, but the time of commencement and certification will be deducted from the various degrees,” he said. He also said that during the inspection, the Authority has found that some people have purchased and brought certificates of competency assessment.

He called on the concerned parties to take action from the point of sale as the problem of coc sales is so serious. Dr. Andualem Atanafe told Bisrat Radio that the Authority has arrested 670 individuals in the past six months.

Despite the fact that there are volunteers who promise to donate their kidneys after death, it is said that the legal framework in Ethiopia has not fulfilled their promise !!

The number of kidney patients in Ethiopia is on the rise, according to Solomon Assefa, manager of the charity. He said it caused a problem.

“We are working with the relevant bodies to submit a draft law to the Council of Ministers to ensure that there is a law that allows people to make promises before the death of human organs, including the kidneys and heart,” he said.

“Kidney transplantation, which was discontinued two years ago due to the cholera epidemic, was promised to begin in September and October, but patients are suffering,” he said.

It is announced that the fundraising event for the currently suffering kidney patients will be held on January 26, 2014 at the Gion Hotel.

“As the fundraising program includes students, volunteers can donate any amount from two birr,” Solomon Assefa told Bisrat Radio.

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