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Young people who participated in the first round of the National Voluntary Community Service Program for 10 months were escorted by the Dire Dawa administration.

Out of the 10,000 youths who volunteered in various regions of Dire Dawa under the coordination of the Federal Ministry of Peace, 98 youths who have been engaged in various volunteer activities in Dire Dawa for 10 months have been released today.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dire Dawa Administration Council Speaker, Fatiha Aden, on her part said the good deeds of the youths have played an important role in strengthening Ethiopian unity and building a common nation.

The spokesperson added that the youths have been educated on peace building values and the role of youths.

Deputy Head of the Dire Dawa Administration’s Justice, Security and Legal Affairs Bureau, Abdela Beker, on his part called on the youths to play an irreplaceable role in maintaining peace and justice in their country.

Ibsa Ame, director of the Peace Value Building Directorate at the Dire Dawa Administration Justice, Security and Legal Affairs Bureau, said the youths have done a lot of social work, including building houses for the disabled and caring for the mentally ill. Ibsa added.

According to the interviewees, they come from different regions and have been able to exchange culture and values with each other during their stay.

When they return to their hometowns, they plan to share their knowledge with their peers and participate in charitable activities on a sustainable basis.

He said the future of our country is in the hands of the youth.

It is learned that the second round of the National Volunteer Community Service Program will continue.

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