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A forum organized by the Ministry of Industry.

#Ethiopia | Foreign Diaspora Ethiopians and local investors in the manufacturing sector attended the forum organized by the Ministry of Industry to enable the Diaspora to contribute their share to the country’s economic growth and create jobs for their people.

Melaku Alebel, Minister of Industry, welcomed the Prime Minister’s invitation to the country and gave a welcome speech to the Minister of Industry, Melaku Alebel. He said the role of the Diaspora and local investors is crucial to realize Ethiopia, a leading manufacturing industry in innovation and knowledge transfer and export trade.

He said plans are underway to create 5 (five million) jobs in the sector over the next 10 years.

He called on the Ethiopian Diaspora and local investors to contribute their share to the country’s economic growth by benefiting themselves and their people.

Seven Ministers, including the Minister of Health, Dr. Lian, and the Chief Executive of the Amhara Region toured some areas.

The Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shede, who led the delegation, said the federal government has allocated funds to rebuild the damaged health facilities, educational institutions, infrastructure, and other social service facilities and areas. “

The visit was attended by the Amhara Regional State, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Planning and Development, the Minister of Peace, the Minister of Innovation and Technology, the Minister of Industry and other senior government officials. He also toured and discussed with the various departments of the institution.

He also called on all parties to work together for the reconstruction and development of the institutions. It is also stated that the initiative to launch some services in various institutions is encouraging.

It is learned that the government has allocated 5 billion birr to rebuild the  areas and it will be decided by the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

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