Biiroo Barnootaa Oromiyaa changed its Logo

The regional government of Oromia has changed its logo which raised discussion among the speakers of the language.

Correct Name: Biiroo Barnoota Oromiyaa
Alternative name: Biiroo Barnootaa Oromiyaa

Both names have a translation of “Oromiya Education Office”. Some times little things create a topic of controversy. This is an example. Let’s see other offices of Oromia regional state.

1. Biiroo Qonnaa Oromiyaa (Oromia Agriculte Office)
2. Biiroo Turizimii Oromiyaa (Oromia Tourism Bureau)
3. Biiroo dinagdee fi industrii Oromiyaa (Oromia Trade and Industry office)

These and others are among more than twenty structural offices of the region. Most of the offices have replica in other sister regions in the country.

Oromia (a.k.a Oromiyaa), is the largest and wealthiest region of Ethiopia. The population of the Oromia region are called Oromo. These people accounts for more than 35 percent of the population of the country.

The administration of the region is Oromia Prosperity Party led by his excellency prime minister Abiy Ahimed Ali. This party is the ruler of the country after winning the 2021 election by more than 89 percent vote.

Old Logo: contains a circle made of the famous Gada system Faji or flag (Red, white and black). There is also a light encircled by regional flag. The letters A,B,C,D are on the book inside the circle to show the Latin letters used for writing in Afaan Oromoo.

old oromia education office logo

New Logo: it consists of a blue filled circle with “Biiroo Barnootaa Oromiyaa” and its translation in Amharic language typo. There is also a book at the center of the circle.

We clearly say the older logo is more elaborative and got better meaning.

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