For Ethiopian Diasporas requesting renewal of passports

Ethiopia | The Ethiopian Immigration Citizenship and Citizenship Agency said it has completed the preparations for the one million Diaspora invited by His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Abyssinia Business Network raised a number of issues during a meeting with Deputy Director General of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency.

Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Immigration and Citizenship Agency, Tamiru Ginbeto, told Ethiopians and friends of the Diaspora following the call that the Diaspora has been working to ensure that there is no harassment.

Details of the services provided by the Deputy Director General to the Diaspora and Ethiopian Friends at the Immigration Office in the coming month.

  1. You will receive a passport in a short period of 15 days to renew your passport.
  2. Members of the Diaspora community who have applied to renew their passports using the manual service will be able to receive them at all Embassy branches this week.
  3. You will receive Ethiopian IDs within 15 days.
  4. All Diaspora members will receive a visa upon arrival in their home country.
  5. There is a special task force that provides efficient 24-hour service at the Ethiopian Airlines premises.
  6. Visas are available for all Africans.
  7. You will receive access visas to various countries supporting Ethiopia.

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