Artist Tesfu Birhane message

Tesfu Birhane is among longest serving artists in the Ethiopian theatre industry. How ever he was not seen om stage over the last three years. Now he has sent his thankyou message to all Ethiopians and promised to come with a work that make them proud of him.


The Ministry of Finance has launched a plan to collect 134.6 billion birr revenue in 100 days.

“Ethiopia’s efforts to eliminate the threat to its survival should not be forgotten for a moment,” he said, adding that the Ministry of Finance has launched a 100-day plan and is undertaking various economic development activities.

Thus, it has demonstrated the activities to be carried out in 100 days by increasing the supply of resources, mobilizing domestic and foreign resources and stabilizing the macro-economy.

As a result, it is planned to collect 134.6 billion birr from domestic revenue and 707 million USD from foreign exchange.

Efforts have been made to stabilize the macro-economy, including the lifting of tariffs on major food items, and the ministry’s 100-day plan focuses on stabilizing the macro-economy.

Bank of Abyssinia began offering voice-guided ATM services for the blind

Bank of Abyssinia has today launched its first voice-over automated ATM service for the blind.

The technology has been officially launched at the headquarters of the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind at around 6 km.

People who are blind often find it difficult to withdraw money from the bank because there is no suitable system for the blind.

At present, more than 20 Bank of Abyssinia ATMs are said to be able to withdraw money without assistance.

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