Dir ena mag episode 65

For the past several years, we have been engaged in the processing of agricultural products in various regions of the country, including Oromia, Amhara and Sidama.

During these years, we have invested heavily in the construction of six state-of-the-art dairy farms in the area. We offer a wide range of quality products at an affordable price to the consumer community. We have created a lot of jobs for many citizens. We have been collecting millions of birr in taxes every year for the government.

Nonetheless, the country’s dairy industry is particularly vulnerable due to the lack of a proper marketing system and is plagued by a number of complex problems, including the outbreak of the epidemic and the disruption of peace and security in various parts of the country.

Our factories were forced to produce less or to stop altogether, and we were forced to go bankrupt.

Due to the uncontrolled and unsupervised marketing of the sector, milk and dairy products in various parts of the country, particularly in Addis Ababa and other major cities, as well as outside the factory, have been issued by licensed and unlicensed businesses. Products are mixed with many foreign substances and are harmful to health.

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