The man who abandoned his wedding for revenge

This is the story of a man who abandoned his wedding for revenge. He has blamed his bride that she delayed his wedding on purpose.

Author Zenebe Wola once spoke about his life associated with reading … Here are some:

Questioner: “What is your standard of living?”

Zene: “Reading and writing are addictive. I do not choose night or day. The length of sleep I get is no more than four hours. I am using sports for my health, I will walk, I swim one day a week; I do yoga. I have read many books on the subject. After that I eat and drink what I find, I think I’m good at social life. I drink with my friends, We have fun. I am not addicted to anything; But I am not afraid of them all. I spend time with people who read, I believe in conversation, I listen well to my grandparents. I have many old friends. Especially popular with writers and authors. I have used them. ”

Questioner: “If you say you were strong for who you are today?”

Zene: “Just as the Red Sea shocked me and showed me the extremes of the world; Gash Praise to the Father has played a major role in the success of my life by clearing my eyes and guiding and enlightening me. My parents’ support is not easy either. Woldegebrel, who came into my life and taught me goodness, is the reason for who I am today. ”

Questioner: “What would you do if you had a lot of money?”

Zene: “I am building modern libraries in all regions. It would be my duty to build a generation on the principle of “Read, read, read, read.”

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