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Hanan Tariq amazing aeroplane

Hanan Tariq yet again showed her love for an aeroplane. Once she said her dream as child was to be a pilot one day. But she ended up as an actress and a famous model which gave her the chance to have frequent flights with her own choice of plane.

On her latest insta post she added the following line in her cryptic message

“I have learned that you need money to make money”.

Hanan Tariq plane and mesaage

Total Energy, a longtime partner of the Africa Cup of Nations; Prior to the tournament, the Africa Cup of Nations arranged for him to visit Ethiopia and invited all football fans to watch the game.

The tournament will be held at the Total Energy Stations in Mexico City and Bole Road on October 4, 2014. Available to all fans.

Enjoy football together!

Discussions were held in Dire Dawa with investors and institutions engaged in export activities, service providers, and leaders of more than 15 different institutions.

         The mayor of Dire Dawa, Kedir Jihar, said the forum was aimed at establishing a joint forum on issues that are important to the country’s economy and that can generate foreign exchange. According to Kedir, there is a discussion on ways to focus on developing the city.

Kedir Jihar added that the problems faced by investors and foreign exchange earners have been raised during the meeting and that problems related to smuggling will be addressed in the future.

In connection with this, the leaders and members of the institutions said that the lack of transportation, the number of checkpoints, the lack of value in export products and other problems have affected the growth of foreign trade.

An agreement was also reached to create an efficient and problem-solving relationship with the institutions for the development of the sector.

Residents of our town donated money in connection with the ongoing campaign to thwart the terrorist activities of the TPLF in the northern part of the country. Preparing food for the army; At a time when blood donation is costing his life, a few greedy individuals are standing in the opposite direction and deviating from Ethiopian decency and engaging in various activities to take advantage of the current crisis.

To address the problem, the government is taking various measures to withstand the onslaught of external and internal pressures and to reduce the living conditions of its citizens.

Accordingly, the task force set up to reverse the economic crisis involving the lower echelons of society is doing a lot of work.
In the short term, there have been significant changes in the activities of the task force.

Apart from basic consumer goods, the unreasonable and current rent increase is seriously challenging the lives of residents.
This is in stark contrast to Ethiopian courtesy and respect for the unmarried.

In the wake of the 2012 epidemic in our country, many people were in trouble.
This does not include the fact that the law prohibits raising the rent at the time.
Residents are complaining that there is an unreasonable increase in rents.

Therefore, in response to the residents’ grievances to limit the current unjust rent increase, the Addis Ababa City Administration Cabinet, in its regular meeting on 18/12/13, discussed and approved the proposal to suspend the rent increase for 90 days.
Accordingly, both the increase in rent and the eviction of a tenant is prohibited for 90 days from the date of its promulgation on 18/12/13 and may be extended for further days.

The provision stipulates that the aggrieved tenant may file a grievance in writing with the Woreda Executive Office for resolution.
Complaints filed on this basis will be investigated and the party will be held accountable in accordance with the rules set forth.

Although this regulation was enacted to protect citizens from unnecessary pressure and hold perpetrators accountable, the city government calls on all to do their part by focusing on this important and difficult time by cultivating the values of Ethiopian decency and solidarity that our society has shown during the epidemic.

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