The richest young Ethiopian girl

The youngest Colorado city council candidate is an Ethiopian millionaire.

Hanna Bogale, an Ethiopian-born woman, is one of the most successful real estate investors in the United States. She is a millionaire.

Hannah’s name is also mentioned in the social affairs movement.

She recently joined politics. She is running for office in Aurora, Colorado, USA

She is 28 years old. She is the youngest competitor in her age. She is not only the youngest but also the only Ethiopian-born contestant.

It’s been a year and a half since my campaign for the city council began. Hannah was in Ethiopia at the time. She flew to Debre Berhan to obtain a license to establish an agro-processing company.

“I don’t see anyone representing me,” she said. So she decided to run in the election to represent Ethiopians and other black communities.

She decided to run in the election almost a month and a half later.

3,000 patients are waiting in line at the Black Lion Specialized Hospital for surgery.

Experts at the hospital’s operating room told us that many patients had to cancel their surgery due to frequent damage to water and medical equipment.

We also heard that the Black Lion Hospital has canceled up to 19 percent surgery this year alone, in addition to the 5 percent cancellation set by the World Health Organization.

Failure of the laundry dryer and the time it takes to dry clothes for treatment are also some of the reasons for the delay.

Cancellation of surgeries also includes waiting lists; As a result, up to 3,000 patients are currently waiting in line, the surgeons say.

Addis Ababa College of Health Sciences and Communication Expert, Tesfaye Solomon, said the hospital’s management has seen the problem and is preparing to hire other experienced professionals.

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