Melen accused Yared about inexistent relationship

Yesterday Yared Negu shared an info that tells about his relationship with Milen Haiku. However today Melen accused him about the information he shared indicating they never met after Birabiro video clip was released.

4GLTE Advanced Service Launched in Central West Region.

Ethio Telecom has officially launched 4GLTE service in five towns in the Central West Region.

Ambo, Sebeta, Burayu, Woliso, Holeta are the towns where the LTE Advanced service was launched.

There are 334,000 customers in these areas, according to Ethio Telecom CEO Frehwot Tamiru.

Ethio Telecom General Manager, Frehiwot Tamiru, on the occasion said Ethio Telecom has launched 4GLTE Advanced Service in 68 towns.

He said the institution is working to complete the service in 106 areas that were not accessible in the 2014 Ethiopian budget year.

In order to make this fast 4G and Advanced service accessible in areas where it is inaccessible, it is necessary to expand the infrastructure, provide inputs to the customers, and update the services provided by the institute, she said.

According to Frehiwot, the institute plans to launch 5G internet service in the current budget year as well.

Ethio Telecom has more than 56.2 million subscribers.

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Dr. Sileshi Bekele was awarded the trophy.

The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Dr. Sileshi Bekele, was presented with a trophy today.

The award was presented by the Ethiopian bottled water softener and fruit processing industry association.

It is said that the association presented the award to the Minister for the successful leadership of the Renaissance Dam and the successful completion of the second round of the Renaissance Dam.

The association’s president, Eng.

Currently, the construction of the dam is expected to reach 80 percent and the construction of the dam has reached 91 percent.

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