Milen Hailu and Yared Negu relationship takes another twist

Yared Negu and Melen hailu

The winners of the second Special Taste Coffee Taste Contest were held today.

The Sky Light Hotel is hosting a Thanksgiving program for the winners of the second cup of excellence in our country.

The program was attended by various government officials, including the Minister of Agriculture, Omar Hussein.

In 2013, the winning coffee products won an estimated 1.8 million US dollars in a clear international bid.

He won the bid and won the online bid, earning $ 330 per kilo.

For the competition, 1880 coffee products were selected, of which 40 were shortlisted, five of which were won.

The five winners’ coffee tasting program was launched and one kilogram of each winning coffee was sold for sale and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

For the first time, a youth council will be established in Ethiopia.

Adenew Abera, Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children, told Ethio FM that a council will be set up for the first time in Ethiopia.

Adenew said the establishment of the youth council is aimed at solving the problems of the youth by conducting various studies and the government will work to advise and guide the youth in its policy.

The council will include a number of scholars, including young people from technical and vocational colleges, universities, and religious institutions.

Adenew said the council is independent of any political party and does not have a fixed budget from the government.

He said the ministry has a plan that has been in place for 10 years and will be implemented on August 30, 2013.

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