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The Ethiopian Olympic delegation left Tokyo International Airport safely and entered a hotel.

The first round of the Ethiopian delegation heading to Japan for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has reportedly not left the airport.

An Ethio FM staffer confirmed that they have now left.

Ethio FM staff member Girmaw says He said we entered the hotel safely.

According to Girmaw, Ethiopian Airlines has transported the Olympic delegation to most African countries.

Our correspondent told us that the Ethiopian delegation arrived in Tokyo at 2pm local time yesterday.

In the past, an Ethiopian man was suspected of having a covarial sign, but when re-examined, he is said to have joined the army because he was free of the virus.

We also heard that the first round of the Ethiopian delegation to Japan is currently in a good hotel.

Accompanying the delegation are Culture and Tourism Minister Dr. Hirut Kassaw, Sports Commission Commissioner Elias Shukur; President of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee, Dr. Asheber Woldegiorgis, and President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation, Commander Derartu Tulu are also present.

According to late reports, the athletes and coaches were escorted to the Olympic Village Hotel, where they were received by Ambassador Kassa.

Another swimmer, Lina Alemayehu, was barred from entering the Olympic Village after arriving in Tokyo. The problem is said to be caused by a dispute in the water federation.
We also heard that the Ethiopian Olympic Committee is working to create an opportunity for the swimmer to participate.

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