Martha Goytom new amazing dance video

Marta Goytom dance

Martina is a famous Ethiopian actress who many fallin love for her performance on kiyaye movie. She was that strong woman any man need in his life according to the movie character.

An honorable bride for you, not silver!

Life is full of love, not silver ….. If you make money at any time, you can get it, but love is from the Creator.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of pretending to be a man who has a lot of wealth and no personality or disrespect for you.

He pretends to be a man and does what he doesn’t want to do until he gets what he wants.

If you fall into the trap of indecisiveness, you will spend the rest of your life struggling to make ends meet.

Happiness comes when the inner desire can be expressed freely. A man who deprives you of your freedom does not approach him at the very beginning.

Even if he seems to be doing something wrong to you, do not be a soft-spoken friend. If you shout at him today, he will hit you tomorrow.

I long for a man who will give you pure love from wealth and material things.

Look at the pure love that comes with a man’s wealth or his pocket, not the man’s wealth.

Addis Ababa City Administration has completed its 2013 budget year performance evaluation.

The performance report of the fiscal year was presented at a forum held in the presence of sub-city executives and leaders of various institutions, including the cabinet members of the city administration.

During the fiscal year, it was assessed that the good start in the implementation of projects, the support of the Defense Forces, the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam, the purchase of bonds, volunteer service and various development activities will be further strengthened. .

It was emphasized that the issue of good governance and service delivery raised by the residents, especially in the areas of land development management, trade, transport, construction licensing and so on, should be taken seriously.
He said special attention should be paid to the ongoing reforms, institution building and good governance issues.

The 2013 fiscal year performance appraisal, which began today, will continue to the lower echelons.

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