Actress Addisalem Getaneh new video released

Addisalem Getaneh is a girl from Asela. She came to Addis Ababa to do films. She once said her hero and role model is her father a to Getaneh.

self esteem.

A bird perched on a tree, not on a tree, but on its wings
Even if the tree is broken, it can still survive. Put your trust in yourself, and show them that you can stand up for what you believe.

If you dance with the sound of a human drum, you will not be able to control the beat and the speed.

If you sit in a car driven by a person, you will only get where you want to go. But one thing is for sure.

Everyone is the creator of his own life. You are in the process of the Creator every second and every minute. You are responsible for your own life.
Remember, no one is responsible for your life.

People can be helpful or a hindrance. But the final decision rests with you. Stopping or continuing is your sole decision. No one can interfere in your life. If you decide to stop, the decision is yours. Only you, as the parent can know for sure

It is the nature of all human beings to be responsible for their failures and successes. Of course, people can play a role, but only you can achieve your goals.

Life is precious, you are chosen every second. You make decisions based on fear and love.
Your choice will always lead you to where you want to go or stay where you are.

It’s all up to you. You have to stop and think about it. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Choose to reflect on your thoughts. As soon as you think of a fallen thought, stop and think back. When you think of blaming someone, stop and think about what you did not think. For you will refrain from doing unkind words.

This is the playground of life. This is the context of the Creator of life. Struggle more than necessary. No more sleep than necessary. For whatever he loses will be small.

Life is a piece of paper. Life is a piece of paper that you write about who you are.

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