Interview with man of God Yonatan Aklilu

Yonatan Aklilu is known for his mega youth program named as excellent youth. His program started four years ago. The main aim of the program is to shape the youth in a way that he or she values. This interview was made with EBS television.

This is a movie that feature -Kassahun Fisseha, Saro Ayelegn, Beshadu Teshome. The movie is about a boy who was born and raised in a socially separated environment. He was raised by his father, who is a professor. The professor is some one came to believe that education shape person in the shape of the society.

If we make economic adjustments and support each other, the sanctions may even cause us to stand on our own two feet. For my part, I recommend that the following steps be taken:

First, just as the tigers of Asia did, we must be prepared to make sacrifices. Let’s face it, we don’t have arms and knees to bend. If we work 8 hours, let us work 16 hours. Let’s get rid of filth, corruption, and so on. Let us rise to change our history by producing and struggling.

Second: Changing our lifestyle. The rich and the powerful abstain from foreign waste. Deciding to use domestic products as a poor citizen. Reduce foreign exchange for luxury drinks, food, clothing, entertainment as well as fuel, etc. He drinks whiskey, he drinks wine, Drink wine, drink beer, Drink beer, brew beer. He wears English wool, and he wears it like a mantle. Beauty is like the spectator, not like the clothes.

Third: The Diaspora should be determined to help the country. Let’s show our patriotism by donating a little bit of beer or coffee to prevent inflation and inflation. Everything is beautiful in the country. Without a country, there is no decoration, not even mourning.
On one occasion, we met with an Iranian lawyer in The Hague for a training session. At the end of the day, we all go out for fun. The Iranian student, however, returned to our classroom in isolation. One night I asked him why he didn’t have fun with us. Then he told me the story in detail. Iranians are making great sacrifices to resist US sanctions. He saves money and sends it home. I still admire the boy’s patriotism and perseverance.

Fourth: The government declares 2014 a “special year” in September. (I copied this idea from J. Park Chung He, the father of South Korean civilization). Prepare the people to fight for their lives and save their country.

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