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We want it to be an equal opportunity for those who claim to serve Ethiopia – PM Abiy Ahmed

Addis Ababa: April 30, 2014 (FBC) We want Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to have an equal right to serve Ethiopia.

The Prime Minister conveyed a message on his social media page that every citizen should know why peace is the basis of everything.

He said the community should stand together and protect anyone who throws stones after the election.

He said there will be no transitional government in Ethiopia except for elections.

The prime minister said that only a person can hold power through elections. He also said that if a competing force has an idea, if it has an organization, it should sell its ideas and try to convince the people to be elected.

“We, the forces that want the election to be democratic, know that the context is as conducive as possible, and we need to create a transitional government and a viable government in Ethiopia,” he said.

“All the other ideas are nightmares, not the prime minister,” he said.

“We must work hard to make democracy flourish, and we must work with the competitors, the people and the government in a strong sense of responsibility,” he said in a statement.

“We want a win-win election in Ethiopia that is peaceful, that all competing forces are equal, intelligent, practical, experienced, determined not to make promises, but listen to the people, respect the people, do not steal, and hold power,” he said.

“The prime minister who said, Choose what you want in this election, put peace first, choose what you want in this election, but make sure there is an equal platform,” he said.

“There should be no unwanted force in the country. We sincerely want it to be an election that is fair and equitable for Ethiopia. Only then will Ethiopia be victorious,” he said.

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