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Amazing time with Ethiopian farmer – Bereket

The Corporation announced that the Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Cluster Development Corporation under the management of Dredawa has collected more than 5.18 million birr in the fiscal year 2014.

Dredawa Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Cluster Development Corporation has announced that it has recorded a good performance since the last financial year due to the establishment of an organization and operating system to provide full support to medium and manufacturing industries and the improvement of resource provision related to finance and technology.

The Corporation completed two of the three capital budgeted projects in the 2014 fiscal year on time and quality and put them into operation, and the rest of the G+4 Garment and Leather Manufacturing and Processing Building project has achieved more than 80% of the physical performance at the planned pace and is being constructed as a cross-cutting project. It is stated in the report.

It was also stated that infrastructure work has been done for the 12 sheds that have been built and the sheds can create job opportunities for more than 500 youths in the future.

The corporation has announced that it is renting out cluster centers to the industrialists in order to expand and develop the manufacturing industry and to play their role at the required level, especially those that use a large amount of labor and use domestic production as input to produce proxy products that replace income products and generate foreign exchange.

In the 2014 fiscal year, it was stated that 5.18 million birr was collected more than the planned 3.38 million birr from the rent of sales and production areas, which is fifty percent more compared to the 2013 fiscal year.

Out of the 16 sheds that the corporation is managing, 239 of the 1,142 shops in the fiscal year 2014 have not been handed over and 173 are shops that have not been handed over.

In terms of enhancing coordination, it is stated in the report that it is being done in coordination with the construction bureau, land development, electricity service, water development and police and all the nine kebeles regarding the delivery of completed workplaces, provision of infrastructure, as well as common utilities, in terms of environmental security.

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