Ethiopian higher education enterance points are set for 2013 E.C. (2021)

The results of the enterance of higher education institutions were announced

2013 Higher Education Institutions Introduction Results Announced.

Thus, for natural sciences are: 380 for males and 368 for females.

In case of developing regions the points will be 368 for men and 358 for women according to the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Dr. Samuel Urkato.

In addition to these, the passing mark for students with disabilities is set as 350 for males and 345 for females where as, 368 for males and 358 for females in pastoral areas.

Further more the higher education enterance mark for Tigray and Metekel is set as 358 for males and 350 for females.

For social sciences, the passing marks are 370 for males and 358 for females.

358 for males and 348 for females in developing regions and pastoral areas; According to the FBC, there passing mask set as 340 for males and 335 for females with disabilities.

For Tigray and Metekel the passing marks in social science is 348 and 340 for male and female respectively.

Admission will be given to Adama Science and Technology and Addis Ababa Universities of Science and Technology, as well as to St. Pauls Millennium College.

For non regular program studies at government universities such as night, weekend, summer, distance and online the minimum mark should be 320 for female and 330 for male. These results will apply as an enterance requirement to all private universities as well.

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