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Addisalem Getaneh is a talented Ethiopian actress who has graced more than twenty movies in her carrier so far.

The Importance of Ethiopias Internal Strength in Using the Nile River – Jawar Mohammed

For Ethiopia, there is one war that will not be regretted, even if the blood of its children is sacrificed, it is the battle to overcome the age-old barrier of the Nile River in Egypt. More than 90 percent of the Nile water, and more than 96 percent of the soil transported by the river, originate in Ethiopia.

However, our right to use the river has been repeatedly challenged in Egypt. While millions of Ethiopians are starving, Egypt continues to use the Nile at large for many of its projects. Year after year, due to lack of technical, financial, and more determined leadership, Ethiopian farmers have been transporting their fertile soil to Egypt. Thus, Egypts use of the Nile River, which has been the subject of so much injustice, has been the cause of deep public anger and resentment.

Thus, for the sake of public support, war threats against Egypt over the right to use the Nile River were a common form of propaganda perpetrated by successive Ethiopian rulers. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has also pushed for this. But why is it that none of the Ethiopian leaders are able to deliver on their promise to use the Nile when there is so much interest and public support? War is a common way of resolving conflicts over natural resources. It has been said many times that Ethiopia has decided to reduce the quality and size of the Nile River, which could lead to war between Egypt and Ethiopia. Still, there were strong exchanges of words, but none of them emphasized war as an option. In a recent interview with Reuters, Meles said: “I am not afraid that the Egyptians will suddenly invade Ethiopia. No one has ever tried to do that. I do not think the Egyptians will be different, I think they know that.”

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