Yegna Sefer Season 3 Episode 14 (Kana TV)

Malaria outbreak in Dire Dawa administration

Malaria is a disease caused by mosquitoes, which are especially susceptible to the spread of mosquitoes in unsanitary and stagnant waters. The administration’s health bureau is working to prevent malaria, but between July and February 2013, 987 people were infected with malaria.

According to Yusuf Seid, Deputy Head of the Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau, 287,732 huts received from the Global Fund will be distributed to urban and rural residents in Dire Dawa.

Yusuf Saeed added that the health bureau is working to raise awareness about the severity of malaria and the use of hut. Yusuf Seid, Deputy Head of the Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau, said the use of malaria should be prevented.

Yusuf Seid, Deputy Head of the Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau, said residents of both urban and rural areas of the administration should use Agober properly to prevent the spread of malaria.

Rural development is the basis of urban development and the administration is focusing on it. The closing ceremony of the 8th round of basin development was held in 38 rural kebeles of Dire Dawa administration under the motto “Integrated watershed development for our overall prosperity” soil and water conservation works, improved nursery wells, fields. Dire Dawa Deputy Mayor and Head of the Finance and Economic Development Bureau, Sultan Ali, said the event was a guest of honor at the closing ceremony of the basin development work, which is being carried out with the help of field workers, field level maintenance, flood canal, transport of manure to the field. He said the administration is focusing on water supply and irrigation expansion, especially in rural areas. He said the farmers’; and pastoralists have contributed a lot to the success of this year’s basin development work. Trophies and certificates were awarded to the four rural clusters and gold and silver certificates were awarded to agricultural development station experts, rural kebele support leaders and rural kebeles for their performance. Rural kebele chairpersons, senior government officials, agricultural experts and government experts. It was concluded with a colorful closing ceremony in the presence of leaders.

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