Singer Dawit Tsige and Actress Fenan Hidru

Prime Minister Abiys’ response to questions from members of parliament.

Locust, floods, and security problems have wasted resources and time.

Prosperity Indigenous reform is based on the countrys economy over the past three years.

Reducing debt burden, completing major projects, and encouraging exports are the main goals of the national economy.

Ethiopia has reached a point where it is unable to borrow more.

Failure to complete major projects quickly would have kept the economy afloat.

Kovid was not present when this indigenous economy was developed, which excluded the pressure caused by pandemic.

In the past, locusts, floods, and security problems have wasted resources and time.

As a result, billions of dollars, which should have been spent on development, were used for these purposes.

Last year, 6.1 percent growth was recorded.

The fact that we are not following the same path as many countries in terms of coronavirus has made the pressure worse.

Not only GDP growth, but also GDP growth has reached over 100 billion birr per capita.

Exports have grown by 21 percent in the last six months.

The countrys foreign exchange reserves have declined in various ways.

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