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Teddy Bunamaw fiance speaks to Seifu

Over the past week, several hospitals in Addis Ababa have been forced to bring oxygen from regional cities to Isuzu due to a significant shortage of oxygen due to a significant increase in the number of patients and patients. But now regional cities are also experiencing a shortage of oxygen.

For example, yesterday, the respiratory system in the Sidama region was completely occupied by Kovid patients, who said they could not provide any help if more patients came. Similar problems are reported in other regions.

As a result, during surgery, does the surgeon extend the oxygen supply? We were suffering.

Starting next week, many hospitals in Addis Ababa will stop operating non-emergency surgeries.

The final warning was given when we refused to accept it.

I think the current prevalence and high rates in many countries have led to the closure of schools, unnecessary meetings, and religious institutions. Dance halls, cinemas, and chat rooms should be closed immediately for the sake of public safety. It is important to remember how much precaution has helped us to stop the disease.

In particular, mosques, where large crowds gather five times a day, should be advised to wear masks, stand at a distance, and worship as much air as possible, either in the courtyard or outside the door.

Now is the time for churches to exercise extreme caution when conducting their prayers.

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