Ethiopian Gospel Believers Council celebrates 1st anniversary

The first anniversary of the establishment of the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Council was celebrated with prayers and thanksgiving at the Addis Ababa Stadium.

The program was attended by President Sahlework Zewde, Minister of Peace Muffrihat Kamil, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa Adanech Abebe and followers of the faith.

President Sahlework Zewde conveyed his message to the House of Peoples’ Representatives on the occasion of your first anniversary.

“Ethiopia is known to have many nationalities and religions,” she said.
Religious equality and freedom to worship are given as a human right. So any one cannot hinder these collective and individual rights.

“Standing together always gives strength and you are grateful for your decision to work together,” she said.

President Sahelework Zewde also said that the long-term struggle of evangelical churches to spread education and strengthen development alongside evangelism will not be forgotten.

“All religionss have a role to play in bringing peace and development to our country,” she said.

President Sahelework Zewde urged religious institutions to continue their efforts to build good citizens by building morals and ethical values.

The Vice President of the Council, Dr. Kesis Yonas Yigeze, on his part said the establishment of the Council has created a conducive environment for the former churches to work together.

He further said that preparations are underway to strengthen the participation of the parishioners and to make the expected contribution by mobilizing and coordinating the parishioners.

In her opening remarks, Adanech Abebe said all of us should work together for the peace of our country.

The Minister of Peace, Muffrihat Kamil, on her part said Ethiopia is a country of believers but different languages.

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