Haileyesus Girma – Keleleshbet Bota

It’s the 1970s. There were two love birds. They were a very amazing couple. Their love is scary, their addiction is addictive, their stubbornness is red from terror. There were 2 couples. Always sitting in silence on a tree near morning and evening.

There were 2 couples who got up early at night to light a lamp and just stare. Those who forget their names always say, “I love you so much.”

In 1980, the woman left for the United States. The loving man could not keep her. Unable to believe that she had left, he sat down under a tree and waited for her. A man with a sly face disguised himself and lost his clothes. 1 year 2 years 5 years 10 years 20 years without seeing her eyes.

After 22 years of marriage, she returned to Addis Ababa with children in the United States and inquired about it. At the meeting, they showed her a gray-haired man who had lost his hair. In shock she sat down beside him, trembling, touching his shoulder, and calling his name. When he saw her, he began to see the road. You said it was me. She told him her name. But he forgot. He is waiting for the woman he left 20 years ago, not the one sitting next to him. Time is running out, but he is still in his 80’s. The mind only has memories. He did not know her, even though his love for her had come to him.

Upon hearing this story, Haile Jesus sang a song called “Where You Have No Glory”. I will travel alone for a day where you are not alone and come back with an idea.

He thought she had been walking for days, but he was overwhelmed with longing and anticipation. If you’ve ever seen a middle-aged man in the middle of Qera and Gofa to this day, he’s a good-natured laughter.

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