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Customers are advised to keep their account number before they call 905 for information

Customers are advised to keep their account number before they call 905 for information

Customers should keep an account and account number when calling the 905 Free Call Center for information

The Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) has set up 905 toll-free call centers to help post customers pay for complaints, power outages and fluctuations.

The free call center is in line with the latest customer relationship management system, serving an average of more than 8,000 calls a day.

The call center was designed to accommodate customers across the country, but is currently serving customers in Addis Ababa. It will then be made available throughout the country.

However, you will not receive a phone call to the call center from time to time; There are complaints that he does not respond immediately.

Despite the complaints, the main reason is the large number of customers who call the call center every day. Another reason is that customers do not have the information they need when they call the center.

Post-payment customers, in particular, find it difficult to access the service when they call the Center without a Businnes Partner No and pre-paid customers without a Account No.

This also makes it easier for all customers to access the service if their mobile phone is registered with the institution’s customer relationship management system.

Therefore, when you call 905 toll-free customers, you will need to keep your complaint number on your mobile phone so that you can receive the complaint number on your mobile phone.

You will also receive your subscription number (Businnes Partner No) on your monthly utility bill.

We also invite you to register in person at your nearest service center so that all prepaid customers can fully log in to the new system and receive immediate information from the call center.

This is a system that allows customers to receive a follow-up call on their mobile phone and track how quickly the respondent has responded.

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