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Addis Ababa City Administration Report on Kebele Residences and Business

There are 150,737 kebele residences and businesses under the Addis Ababa City Administration

According to an official study released today, 138,652 residential and commercial houses have been reached.

According to Adanech Abebe, 10,565 kebele houses in the city have been illegally confiscated through key purchases, burglaries and other illegal activities.

One of the most accessible kebele houses in the study:

1st. 7,723 homes were occupied by undocumented people.

2nd. 2,207 privately owned kebele houses;

3rd. 265 Owned by a third party,

4th. 164 condominiums have been identified as kebele housing occupied by occupants.

5th. 137 privately owned kebele houses for sale;

6th. 1,243 sealed / sealed which are not in use

7th. 5043 houses already demolished

8th. There are 180 unidentified kebele houses whose addresses are unknown.

Regarding kebele businesse houses:

There are a total of 25,096 businesses, of which 4,076 are illegally occupied kebele businesses.

1st. It has been identified that 1,70 commercial properties are being used by unlicensed traders

2nd. 2,451 kebele businesses were identified as 1,086 traders with more than one business

3rd. 376 kebele businesses have been identified as being owned by a third party.

4th. 179 sealed businesses are identified.


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