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How do we choose a spouse?

How do we choose a spouse? Our advisor in chief has sent this message for all our fans and visitors. Please read it carefully and if you find it interseting do share it.

“I am in love” “I loved some one” is common among many young people. Adolescence is the age at which men and women choose one another for love.

During adolescence, it is common for people of the opposite gender to take time off to think about themselves. Intimacy is natural, but not everyone is serious. In view of this, it is important for young people to understand why they choose the opposite gender. We will look at some of the reasons in this lesson.

  1. Reasons why teens are dating
    A. Not to be seen as lonely by their friends.
    B. Watching others catch up;
    c. For intimate desire (fornication) (2 Sam. 13 ፡ 11)
    d. Because they fell in love (cf. Gen. 34: 3);
    e. Find a spouse (cf. Gen. 29 ፤ 18);
    f. For material gain (cf. Judg. 16 ፡ 5)
    g. In a competitive environment, when others want to provoke them, and so on.
  2. Steps to Choosing a Life Partner: Young people, dating is not a sin, it is a natural and healthy feeling. But we must be careful that we do not allow this sacred desire to be ruined by misguided choices and unhealthy desires.

Therefore, considering the following criteria and standards can help us make the right decision. It can also prevent us from regretting a wrong decision or a wrong choice.

2.1. Physical Fitness:
Men and women need to know that when we reach puberty, our bodies are ready to receive another person.

2.2. Spiritual Maturity
We need to examine ourselves to see if we are spiritually strong and if we have the spiritual maturity required of a Christian. Reading the Bible and our love for the Word includes the strength of our spiritual life, etc.

2.3. Economic efficiency:
Love is a relationship of responsibility and accountability. Money is the most important thing in life. So we need to examine ourselves to see if we can afford to live and take care of ourselves. Do we have enough income to live on? We must answer the question safely.

2.4. Psychological preparation:
Before we can begin to love someone, we must prepare ourselves. It is important to examine our motives, to be prepared to receive another person, and to consider our choices calmly and calmly, not emotionally.

When choosing a life partner, make sure that you meet the above criteria. Recognize that love is a precious gift from God and protect yourself from choosing an emotional partner and then regretting it. Be guided by the Spirit, examining each step of the Word of God and asking His will, avoiding the evil desires of youth.

Bonus note

When it comes to thinking about marriage, it is important not to overlook the fact that there are Bible and human standards for marriage.

As a divine and human institution, marriage is based on Bible principles, human experience, permanent and permanent principles, and must always be a priority for divine, lasting, and permanent standards.

Be careful that your choice is not based on external factors but on your inner self.
While external beauty or factors play a role in marital relationships, inner beauty, the beauty of thought, a sincere and compassionate heart, and a profession should be given greater consideration or consideration.

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