Addisgo is an Ethiopian media and entertainment website founded in January 2020 by addisgo entertainment and events company. The company has a mission to serve the community and it strives to share entertainment news, media, videos, drama series and other information. The company also provide Information Technology services at affordable price. The areas we cover in the IT services includes but o limited to Static and dynamic website building, CCTV camera installation, Data center setup for different purposes, software development, It trainings, business enterprenuership trainings, and mobile application development. This website since its initial time it has grown exponentially to become the premier online entertainment destination for Ethiopians, not only at home but abroad as well. Together we will transform our country technology.

Addisgo will always be your trusted destination for entertainment and technology services. In the coming years we will start AI and Machine learning trainings in Addis Ababa, which will transform the IT industry in the country. Currently we are working closely with compainies that are based on Europe and Asia but provide their services and products for Ethiopian customers such as financial institutions and telecom opertators. As we grow further we have a mission to be #1 It support team and consultant in the country and beyond.

Beautiful Cities Ep5 – Bangkok

Beautiful cities episode 5 – city of Bangkok! Bangkok is the 5th beautiful city in our review of beautiful world destinations. Bangkok is among the highest visited cities of the world. Tourism is one of the main attractions of the city. Urban tradition: Bangkok Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was founded in 1782. The English […] More

Act like a lady, think like a man : Amharic audio book

This a book by famous comedian and media personality Steve Harvey. ✅🚺 #Seth_Hoy! 🚺 ✅ The principle of life to be a good wife 🚺 Do not speak loudly at your husband for any reason because shouting at your husband is a sign of contempt. (Proverbs 15, 1) 🚺 Your husband’s weakness to your family […] More

Endalkachew Zebene

Endalkachew Zebene has spoken the reason why he followed Jesus. He issued a warning to those who claimed him to be characterless. He said follows Jesus until his last breath. Ethiopia is working hard to reduce the risk it is facing due to climate change – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed […] More

Parking Spaces in Addis Ababa

In the last 5 years Addis Ababa has boosted its parking space shortage with a visionary projects crafted by the prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali. He assumed power and he is the driver of the new look of the country with his relentless effort to change the country. Among the targets set by the […] More

What are the 11 sub cities of Addis Ababa?

Addis Ababa is the Capital city of Ethiopia (The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia). The is divided into several sub-cities, each with its own distinct character and administrative functions. Here are the list of Addis Ababa’s 11 sub cities as of April 2024. Facts about Addis Ababa City: More

Alibaba Cloud Professional ACP-Cloud1 Real Exam Questions 2024

Exercising these questions and browsing on the Alibaba site for more information about the questions and related topics will help you pass the exam with confidence. More

Alibaba Cloud real exam question for ACA and ACP certifications.

Attempt all the mock questions as they will help you for the certification exam you are going to take. We will always update with new contents, so you can visit our sire regularly to get the latest questions and answers of the exam you are looking for. More

Eshetu achieved big success

The result is about to be revealed. Eshetu and the members who attended the fund raiser thanked all who contributed for the good. It is the fact that activities are being carried out to increase the income from the tourism sector in the Amhara region The culture and tourism office of the region announced that […] More

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Service charge update

Below is the statement from CBE regarding their new service charge updates. Dear customers, It is known that the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia will soon make payment adjustment on the services provided. Based on feedback from our customers regarding revised service fees, we have made further fee revisions on some services. The revised services and […] More

“I lost my dad and wife the same day” Asfaw Meshesha

Asfaw has shared what he has been through when he lost his beloved wife and his dad at the same time.  Famous Ebs Journalist Asfaw Meshesha said he has lost his family on the same day and his life has never been the same after that. He opted to be strong for his son Japi. […] More