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Mother and daughter met after 20 years apart

Mom and daughter met

Mother and daughter met for the first time after 20 years they were apart. Ethiopian Tik Tok application was announced

Ethiopia’s first Tik Tok application developed by Infratech Software Services Private Limited was announced yesterday evening at the Best Western Hotel in Bole in a press release.

One of the founders of the TikTok app “Ethio TikTok”, which is rich in Ethiopians and made for Ethiopians, has a multi-faceted importance. One of the founders, a young engineer, Phamami Mulalem, told Arada FM 95.1 My Vibe radio program, and he said that the app was developed by experts who have experience working in international institutions.

A large number of TikTok users, including Mr. Mansur Jamal, are trying out Ethio TikTok, and it will soon be available on all platforms.

The main purpose of making the application is to easily transfer information with Ethiopian content and to make products and services that benefit the young society accessible to the masses.

As Mr. Mansur Jamal, owner and manager of Any Trading and Delivery, said; Stating that the application works in local languages, it is stated that when it is delivered to users, it will pay one Ethiopian birr per like.

(Gech Habesha)
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